Why Dive with Us?


Scuba Diving Gears & Equipment

Want to go scuba diving in Nuweiba, especially on the Red Sea at dive sites like  MFO Pipeline, The Sinkers, El Magana and more?, but need to hire some dive gear? African Divers has a large range of scuba diving rental equipment available, from complete setups, to cylinders/tanks, wet-suits and weights. All of our scuba hire equipment is high quality dive gear and it’s available for rental by the day, two days, or week. Also we have full diving packages available if you don’t want to go into specifics of Scuba Diving Gears.


Diving equipment is equipment used by underwater fans to earn diving tasks potential, simpler, safer, safer or more comfy. This could be gear or gear intended for functions that is shown to be acceptable for diving usage. The basic thing of diving equipment used by sailors is underwater breathing devices, for example scuba gear, and surface supplied diving gear, however there are several other crucial parts of gear that make diving safer, more convenient or more efficient. 

iving equipment employed by recreational scuba divers is private gear but professional sailors, especially when working from the surface provided or rip mode, utilize a massive quantity of support equipment not carried by the retina.
Equipment that’s used for underwater work or other tasks that isn’t directly about the action of diving, or that hasn’t yet been made or modified specifically for underwater usage by sailors is excluded.