Nuweiba Diving Options

Nuweiba have many options to explore scuba diving. African Divers have managed to have something for everyone! Whether you are coming with your family or group of friends, everyone get their own diving option based on their liking, comfort and passion for scuba diving.

After spending many years scuba diving & after hundred of dives, we know our love for diving.  If you’re just starting out, the best suggestion we share with you is to try each of the types of scuba diving for yourself before having any preconceived notion. 

You’ll then discover which types of scuba diving you love and which of them you’ll want to spend more time doing. But in the end, there’s nothing to stop you doing them all.

The kinds of scuba diving and what diving you may perform is based upon your own scuba diver qualification amount and experience. The kinds of scuba diving readily available for your requirements start out with water diving. Afterward you’re able to expand this to arousing drift diving and then proceed along with the flow of this present day. Input the darkened seas of the deep onto a nighttime dip and experience an entirely new collection of fauna and flora which wakes up at the evening time. Subsequently get more experience and be eligible farther to dive deeper into research fascinating wrecks and sea life including the infamous sharks which patrol the flames.

Types of Scuba Diving